General Sessions

2018 General Sessions

Wednesday, December 5
9:00 a.m. –10:00 a.m.

Community Town Hall: Data Privacy & Security

Data collection and security of information is critical to every association. Discuss challenges and concerns around privacy and data breaches.. Associations are obligated to comply with regulations, including GDPR, around the handling and collection of personal data. Join fellow conference attendees and a panel of experts for an engaging dialogue on how to balance the need to adopt and incorporate new technologies, platforms and capabilities into business operations, as well as responsibility in the event of a breach of security and privacy.


Wednesday, December 5
3:15 p.m. –4:15 p.m.

Technology Fail Fest

Fail Fest returns! Now in its third year at the ASAE Technology Conference, Fail Fest is a celebration of mistakes and mishaps, but more importantly recognizes failure as a key part to innovation, growth, and improvement.

In this hilarious, fast-paced session, you’ll hear from five speakers who will share their fail tales. Hear how they failed but learned from their mistakes to create something even better. The audience votes for the most epic fail tale and the winner is named Fail Fest Champion. Want to know who is speaking? You have to attend to find out because what happens in Fail Fest, stays in Fail Fest.